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Welcome to

Open and lock the front door

The code is in the info sheet

Lock the door from the outside *
From the inside – Turn the knob to the right


Name: Apelgren Guest

Password: BEDBEDBED1


There is access to Viasat's large selection of TV channels. Use the TV remote (white Philips) only for ON / OFF and volume. You switch all channels with the remote control to the Viasatbox (black remote control).


There is a white remote control where you can set the AC/heat pump
Heated flooriong – yo
u set the temperature with thermostat next to the TV.

The awning

You can weave the awning with a long crank on the left side. The awning must be retracted at night and if you leave the cabin as well as when it windy.

Cleaning equipment

You will find a vacuum cleaner, mop and sweeping brush in the closet downstairs.
Extra pillow/comforter and blankets
You will also find that in the closet downstairs.

Sun Chairs

There are 2 sun chairs in the downstairs closet. There are two blue sun chairs by the sauna which are great to have outside and sit on the deck.

Cushions for outdoor furniture

There are cushions in the wardrobe for the outdoor furniture. Please, bring them in every night as the weather can change rather quick. 


We would appreciate if you recycled your garbage.
Household garbage can be thrown in the trash can at the big house parking. Glass, paper, 
plastic, and metal can be thrown down in the recycling center in Gustavsberg center.

The sauna

Turn on the sauna by turning the large knob to the right to the black area. It takes about 40 minutes to heat the sauna. The shower in the sauna is a little bigger than the shower in the cottage. Since you have your own access to the sauna, you can use that shower instead if you want.

The boat and the dock

The boat and the dock are shared by some of the neighbors but are rarely used. Feel free to use both as much as you want. There are buoys and buckets if it has rained and the boat has to be emptied of water. There is plenty of pike in the lake if you like to fish. In the middle of the lake there is a beaver nest, on the left side which is a little fun to row to.

Are you missing something?

If you are missing please something let us know before you leave, and we will try to help out the best way we can.

- Departure latest 11:00am
- Open windows to air the cottage
- Wash and dry glasses, china, and utensils. Put back in the same order as found in drawers and cupboards.
- Bring out the garbage/litter and clean the bin if necessary.
- Bring in the cushions and put the sun chairs under the roof.
- Make sure windows and doors are all closed and locked.
- Make sure the awing is retracted all the way
- Pleas this house binder information visible for the next visitors.
- Do a last check up and make sure everything looks nice and neat.
- If used, Empty the grill from ash. Important! Handle the ash safely.
- Empty the refrigerator and frezzer.
- Empty all the dry storage do not leave anything behind that wasn there when you arrived to the house.

Thank you for your stay.


Marie Apelgren + 46 73 719 29 10
Anders Apelgren + 46 73 719 29 00
The adress you are staying at
Betsedevägen 10, Gustavsberg, Värmdö

In case of serious injury or illness call 112 SOS Alarm
Non-emergency situation

Police (not urgent): 114 14
Medical advice phone service: 1177
Swedish Poisons Information Centre 010-456 67 00

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